The alternative to Shortyz

Shortyz is a great Android App that lets the user download lots of free crosswords automatically every day. But for recent years this App was not maintained anymore. Then there comes Alphacross which has similar functions. Sadly, the developer announced he would not maintain the App anymore.

What is the alternative to Shortyz or Alphacross?

This is the most frequently asked question in the crossword subreddit if you have wandered there for a while.

The answer is Crossword Daily: Word Puzzle. This App has been there for many years and maintained very well. Current supported crosswords are as follows:

  • Sheffer Crosswords
  • Washington Post Sunday
  • Newsday
  • Daily Cryptic
  • GAM Cryptic
  • Mini Crossword
  • University CW
  • Premier Crosswords
  • Universal Crossword
  • Jonesin’ Crosswords
  • Modern Daily
  • Quick Crossword
  • Joseph Crosswords
  • UT Mini
  • Club Crossword
  • Simple Crossword
  • The Week
  • Daily American
  • BEQ Crossword
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Washington Post Mini
  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New Yorker
  • Atlantic

If you want to solve the free crosswords scattered in the web at one place, you should have it. It’s a free APP and of course you can pay for it if you don’t like the ADs. And it has both an Android version and an iOS version.

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