Pix3D: 3D Pixel Art Creator

Easily convert your 2D pixel art to 3D model

Make your own 3D model without any pain, as easy as 2D pixel art.
How to play:
In the 2D editor, you will have all the regular editing features in a typical pixel art editor.
In the 3D editor, you can expand your 2D image to the third dimension. You will expand your pixel into the y axis with the depth button, much the same as what you do in the 2D editor but in the third dimension.
In the Face editor, you will have the chance to paint different colors for each face of the cube. In 2D and 3D editors, we actually work on the front face while in the Face editor we can work on the other 5 faces. Here we expand the scope of a regular voxel model. The cube can have different color for each of its 6 faces.
In the File tab, you can see the buttons of file related functions, such as New, Save, Load, Export and Share.
Your work can be exported as lots of popular 3D formats, fbx, obj, glTF and GIF image format. These exported models are verified with popular 3D model editors, online 3D model viewers and game engines, including blender, unity, godot and etc. You can both export to your local file system and share your models with your friends.

Create and have fun.

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