This is a classic drop and match puyo game. Colorful mean beans were drop down and merged with ones with same color. When the number of merged beans reach 4, a magical explosion will appear. Super explosion will appear when the much number exceeds 4. You can even try chained combo which means one explosion caused by another. If the drop block reaches the top of the play board, the game will be failed.

There are 2 modes in the game:
  • 1 Solo Mode. There will be a target number for each colored existing beans. After all the target number of beans were eliminated, the stage is cleared.
  • 2 Dual Mode. There will be an AI competitor to play with you. Chained explosions will make the garbage beans appear in the competitor’s play board. The player who persevere to the last will win the game.
The game now can be found on Google Play.

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The introduction video could be found here.