Easy Crossword: Crosswords for Beginner is a crossword puzzle game designed for beginners. If you are new to crosswords or have a vocabulary less than 10000 and yet you still want to challenge yourself with crossword, it will be your best friend. It will be a great tool if you want to enlarge your English vocabulary and practice them.

There are 4 different difficulty levels:
  • 1 vocabulary of 5000 most frequently used words.
  • 2 vocabulary of 10000 most frequently used words.
  • 3 Clues from dictionary explanations.
  • 4 Clues of true crossword levels.

How to proceed when you meet obstacle?
In the left bottom there is a menu button, there are options to get help.

  • 1 reveal relevant
  • 2 reveal word
  • 3 reveal puzzle
  • 4 ask friends with a text message or mail
  • 5 ask friends with an image

How to earn more star?
  • 1 solve more puzzles. Every single solved word will give you stars.
  • 2 watch rewarded AD.
  • 3 upgrades to pro version.

Enjoy and Progress!

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Our Easy Crossword is now on Google Play. Please check it.

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