Crossle is a brand new word game that blends crosswords with several other popular word puzzles such as Lingo. With this innovative blending, you can experience mixed fun of all the word puzzle types. When you stuck with some hard clues of the crossword, you can guess the word with a classical Lingo game.
How to play:
Crossle gives you all the fun of classic word puzzle games! As you challenge yourself to decipher crossword clues and fill in the words, you'll learn some of the letters in other answers. You can puzzle out the answers in order or move all around the list, solving easier words to unlock more letters for the harder words.
Besides, for each word to be solved, you have the option to guess in a classical Lingo way.
If you need further help, use various powerful tools that can be earned with previously solved words.

  • Finger Tool: Reveals the letter of the current grid.
  • Hammer Tool: Removes all the irrelevant letters in the keyboard.
  • Light Tool: Reveals one line of grids with a light.
  • Bomb Tool: Randomly explodes several grids.
  • Teddy Tool: Shows a bubble with more different clues which is helpful.
  • Arrow Tool(unlimited): Switches to a lingo style guess.

Have fun!

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